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October 10, 2013
Shridhar Mittal

Today’s mobile-connected consumers have more power of choice than ever before and a digital loudspeaker with which to make their voices heard. And they have four big demands: newer, faster, cheaper, and better. For these reasons, application development is at the core of delivering the kind of enhanced customer experience and brand loyalty that can set a business apart from the competition and increase sales ...

May 21, 2013
Sasha Gilenson

DevOps emerged as a philosophy for bridging the gap between operations and development silos, where each focused on different priorities, using different processes and tools. This article will focus on some key challenges existing in the DevOps approach — challenges that leave operations to wade through overwhelming amounts of operational data — and how new analytics-based tools stand to provide insight into meaningful information, ultimately closing this gap, and putting development and operations into better synch ...

March 12, 2013
Gary Jackson

For many of us in the application or software development industry, APM was supposed to be a magic bullet, a way to catch the occasional unforeseen mistake that slipped through to production releases. In reality, even with APM tools reporting production issues, there has been no discernable increase in the quality of applications delivered ...

August 10, 2012
Paul Muller

There are probably more myths and misunderstandings about the term DevOps than there are hard facts. I recently sat down with Gene Kim and Patrick Debois - two of the DevOps movement's most widely practiced individuals - to cut through the noise. We swapped experiences and discussed how a CIO should be thinking about DevOps, when to consider a DevOps approach, the business case for adopting it, patterns of success and patterns of failure. We agreed that there are three general attributes that provide a good indication that DevOps might help your organization ...

December 15, 2011
David Hurwitz

Instead of throwing applications “over the fence” blindly to operations, a fluid and much more effective DevOps process inserts transparency, efficiency and ownership into the art of developing, releasing and the production use of critical applications. It also binds the two traditionally siloed teams together. The following are six critical steps IT can take to improve DevOps collaboration and ultimately the business bottom line, profitability ...


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