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August 10, 2012
Paul Muller

There are probably more myths and misunderstandings about the term DevOps than there are hard facts. I recently sat down with Gene Kim and Patrick Debois - two of the DevOps movement's most widely practiced individuals - to cut through the noise. We swapped experiences and discussed how a CIO should be thinking about DevOps, when to consider a DevOps approach, the business case for adopting it, patterns of success and patterns of failure. We agreed that there are three general attributes that provide a good indication that DevOps might help your organization ...

February 23, 2012
Aruna Ravichandran

If an attacker were bogging down your apps, how would you know? You wouldn't, unless you bridge the gap between ops and security ...

December 15, 2011
David Hurwitz

Instead of throwing applications “over the fence” blindly to operations, a fluid and much more effective DevOps process inserts transparency, efficiency and ownership into the art of developing, releasing and the production use of critical applications. It also binds the two traditionally siloed teams together. The following are six critical steps IT can take to improve DevOps collaboration and ultimately the business bottom line, profitability ...


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