IT Revolution Announces First Round of Speakers and Early Bird Registration for DOES Las Vegas 2018
June 14, 2018

IT Revolution announced the first round of speakers for the DevOps Enterprise Summit Las Vegas 2018.

The event will take place at a new location - The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas from October 22-24, 2018.

The DevOps Enterprise Summit offers a collaborative and inclusive atmosphere for business and technology leaders facilitating transformational journeys for the largest and most complex organizations in the world.

Early Bird pricing is now available for DevOps Enterprise Summit Las Vegas 2018. Register before July 13 for discounted pricing. Early registration is highly recommended as this event has sold out all prior years.

The first round of speakers for the Las Vegas agenda includes:

- Pauly Comtois, Vice President, Development and Operations, Hearst
- Jason Cox, Director, Systems Engineering, The Walt Disney Company
- Dr. Nicole Forsgren, CEO and Chief Scientist, DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA)
- Courtney Kissler, Vice President, Nike Digital Platform Engineering, Nike
- Thomas Limoncelli, SRE Manager, Stack Overflow, Inc.
- Charity Majors, CEO and Co-Founder, Honeycomb
- Dr. Topo Pal, Senior Director & Sr. Engineering Fellow, Capital One
- Jeffrey Snover, Technical Fellow and Chief Architect for Azure Storage & Cloud Edge, Microsoft
- Dr. Steven Spear, Senior Lecturer, MIT Sloan School of Management, Principal, High Velocity Edge

"We are thrilled to reveal our exciting, first round of speakers for the DevOps Enterprise Summit Las Vegas," said Gene Kim, founder of IT Revolution and co-author of The Phoenix Project, The DevOps Handbook and Accelerate. "This year, we are focusing on many of the challenges that technology leaders face as they transform how work is done, often facing obstacles outside of Dev and Ops. These include project management and funding models, product management, compliance officers and regulators. It's an exciting time to be a part of this movement as we broaden our sessions to focus on what leaders most need to know to succeed."

The DevOps Enterprise Summit is a conference for technology and business leaders who are transforming how large, complex organizations deliver and operate software to help their organizations win in the marketplace.

Entering its third year in Europe and fifth year in the US, its goal is to accelerate DevOps adoption and increase the likelihood of those initiatives succeeding, enabling the cultural norms, technical practices and architectures that help organizations achieve the highest levels of performance.

The event features experience report and subject matter expert talks from technology leaders at top global brands that leverage DevOps to thrive within today's software-driven economy. Through keynotes, breakout sessions, collaborative workshops and space to interact within an expo hall, attendees gain insights into the evolving technical and architectural practices and the methods needed to lead widespread change efforts in large organizations.

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