SignalFx Integrates with Kubernetes
September 07, 2017

SignalFx announced its integration with Kubernetes, featuring visualizations and alert detector capabilities that empower development, service, and operations teams to better monitor and manage their Kubernetes environments, containers, and applications.

Kubernetes has gained significant momentum across enterprises to increase scalability and flexibility, reduce overhead, and accelerate deployment cycles for new cloud-native applications. However, the promise from the features that make Kubernetes so powerful and easy to use – including the automated, dynamic placement of containers and services as well as the variety of new abstractions it introduces such as pods – cannot be fully realized by the use of existing monitoring tools built for more static environments.

SignalFx provides a comprehensive, real-time view across Kubernetes environments and maximizes the benefits of adopting containers at scale. With SignalFx in place, development, service, and operations teams can eliminate manual configuration of monitoring, immediately visualize data and explore relationships across components, and deliver accurate alerts that adapt to fast-moving data.

Key features of today’s announcement include:

- SignalFx Smart Agent: Based on the SignalFx collectd agent, this agent automatically discovers and monitors third-party applications running in every container on every node. The lightweight agent ensures that monitoring is consistently up-to-date in highly dynamic environments, allowing teams to know what components are running where at all times.

- Out-of-the-Box Kubernetes Visualizations: SignalFx now includes built-in, out-of-the-box visualizations specifically designed for Kubernetes environments. These visualizations include:
Architecture view: Gain instant visibility into your Kubernetes environments and see patterns and trends in membership and resource utilization within or across clusters. Use as a launching point to drill down into individual nodes, pods or hosts.
Node and pod dashboards: Monitor the health, performance and error states for Kubernetes pods and nodes. Dive deeper into your service and visualize individual containers while maintaining context of the relationship to the original node.
Built-in container content: Leverage out-of-the-box dashboards for key health metrics for individual containers, starting with aggregate view of containers across all hosts, containers per host, and aggregate infrastructure metrics such as CPU utilization.

- Dynamic Detectors: The scalability and flexibility of Kubernetes environments requires teams to receive alerts on a timely basis. Built on the industry leading massively parallel streaming analytics platform, SignalFx’s dynamic detectors recognize containers within a minute of creation and evaluate alert conditions to trigger within seconds.

“Organizations leveraging container based architectures or deployment frameworks like Kubernetes are faced with new challenges around highly dynamic, short lived components,” said Karthik Rau, CEO and co-founder of SignalFx. “We are excited about enabling more and more teams with real-time insights from their Kubernetes environments so they can innovate with confidence at faster rates.”

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