Sencha Test 2.2 Released
May 31, 2018

Sencha (a division of Idera, Inc.) announced the release of Sencha Test 2.2.

The latest version of the cross-platform testing tool has more than 200 enhancements and bug fixes, including several new features that make it easier to create tests, manage defects and store results.

With this release, Sencha Test now expands beyond only testing Ext JS applications, providing a comprehensive testing solution for React apps using ExtReact components, and enhanced capabilities for end-to-end testing of web applications including those that are built using React and Angular frameworks.

Sencha Test 2.2 includes the following new features that make it easier to create tests, manage defects, and store results:

- Code Tree – Helps users visualize test code and focus on one test case at a time. By leveraging the tree view with the Inspect feature and the Page Objects, users can focus on the test at hand and create tests much faster.

- Future APIs – Allows users to reliably and easily reference and interact with Ext JS components.

- Advanced Inspect – Enables users to easily locate components in a running Ext JS application.

- Enhanced Event Recorder – Tracks user actions and generates meaningful test code. The locator strategy for recording is enhanced, allowing better handling of recording spinner fields, date pickers and other Ext JS components.

- Enhanced Paid Object creation – Allows users to easily generate Page Objects just by inspecting an Ext JS application. With Page Objects, users can create a central list of all the components/elements on a page in the Ext JS application under test.

- End-to-end testing of non-Ext JS apps – Shows an Element hierarchy when inspecting a page for easier analysis of the Document object model tree.

- End-to-end testing of React apps – Provides advanced inspect capabilities for React applications using ExtReact components. Users can now directly inspect React apps, generate locators and create robust test cases.

Sencha Test helps developers and test automation engineers create unit and functional tests quickly, and execute them on multiple browsers simultaneously. Cross-browser testing is critical to ensuring high-quality apps, and test automation is a requirement to meet delivery timelines. Sencha Test is the only dedicated testing solution for applications built with Ext JS and/or ExtReact frameworks.

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