Parasoft Offers Software Testing for IoT
March 06, 2017

Parasoft announced its next generation quality solution for today’s highly-complex IoT devices and applications.

Parasoft’s solution combines software analysis, functional and non-functional testing, virtual testbeds, and intelligent analytics for perfecting IoT software.

Parasoft’s testing portfolio includes:

- Static and runtime analysis for immediate defect identification

- Unit, functional, API, performance, and security testing

- Virtual test environments and components via service virtualization to expedite testing

- Intelligent analytics to focus the team’s efforts on risk or changing areas

- Dashboards and reporting to communicate software readiness

Testing IoT devices and applications can be difficult due to the many external dependencies, interfaces, and unpredictable environments. Parasoft helps organizations perfect IoT software by enabling developers and testers to more accurately simulate market conditions and potential network traffic, as part of their functional, performance, and security testing. The data collected from this testing and analysis is then available for advanced analytics, to empower management teams to focus on what matters – eliminating the deployment of defective software that could lead to system and application malfunction.

“The rapid development and deployment of IoT devices and applications requires teams to move beyond typical embedded software testing paradigms, and adopt tools and approaches that more closely resemble the challenges that Enterprise IT have faced for decades,” stated Marc Brown, CMO for Parasoft. “We are extremely optimistic that teams will see enormous value of our broad IoT testing solution that will highlight the benefits of comprehensive functional, performance, and security testing with service virtualization.”

With Parasoft’s IoT software testing solution, teams can:

- Rapidly identify and remediate defects and vulnerabilities (ie. misuse of coding APIs, non-compliance of coding standards, etc.)

- Verify functional, performance, security, and compliance

- Balance testing efforts and code coverage with change-based intelligence

- Efficiently support agile and continuous testing processes

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