Panaya Launches Release Dynamix
May 23, 2017

Panaya announced the availability of Release Dynamix, Panaya’s cloud application lifecycle management (ALM) solution which enables rapid high quality software delivery by accelerating and validating all phases of change delivery from conception through validation, for complex hybrid IT environments.

With Release Dynamix (RDx), the complexity and bottlenecks inherent to application change are removed, allowing customers to realize the benefits of agile and continuous delivery within the context of enterprise applications. RDx provides a holistic and integrated environment that enables collaboration with all stakeholders involved in the business process. Organizations can now rollout innovations and extensions rapidly, with minimal risk, meeting user expectations and driving the business forward with:

- Project and Portfolio Management

- Requirements and Release management

- Test Management

- Test Automation & Acceleration

- Defect Tracking

- Real-time risk analysis

- APIs and Integration with leading third party solutions

“IT departments need to take the lead with digital transformation by becoming agile and adjusting to rapidly changing business and market conditions,” said Jake Klein, CEO of Panaya. “At the same time best-of-breed is replacing best-of -suite, increasing the complexity of IT environments and creating speed and quality challenges. Panaya Release Dynamix provides real-time visibility into the delivery and quality status of projects and releases, down to the level of individual requirements, ensuring that application owners have complete, accurate information to make decisions.”

"Rising customer expectations, competitive threats, and increased consumer choice make rapid delivery and iteration of software applications a competitive differentiator. Optimizing the delivery value chain — well beyond traditional ALM — is a crucial contributor to bbetter business outcomes" stated Diego Lo Giudice, Vice President, Principal Analyst, and Kurt Bittner in the Forrester Research report, TechRadar: Continuous Software Delivery, Q3 2016.

Key benefits include:

Traceability - Tests and defects are mapped to business change request and development requirements thus increasing quality and business assurance

Agility - enables continuous delivery by providing visibility to requirements, user stories and tasks so that you can prioritize activities based on effort required and update risk analysis based on progress

Requirement Approval Workflow - Ensures that organizations comply with internal as well as regulated change introduction processes while continually managing the change lifecycle process

Collaboration - Includes proactive communications and notifications to identify conflicts and remove dependencies typically found in complex, cross-functional business processes that are often geographically dispersed in today’s global organizations

Integration - Fully interoperable with Incidents, Requirements and Change Management solutions, Test Automation via Panaya Connect API, so that organizations can continue with best of breed solutions and leverage existing investments

Panaya will launch Release Dynamix at Confluence, Infosys’ annual user event to be held on May 23 - May 25 in San Francisco.

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