Mobile Labs Introduces New Mobile Testing Hosted Cloud Solution
March 16, 2017

Mobile Labs is introducing its latest hosted solution, deviceConnect Hosted Cloud.

Mobile Labs’ newest solution opens up the possibilities for developers and QA professionals to manage their mobile testing lab in the manner that best suits their needs. Organizations are able to choose the best mobile device cloud that fits their needs, whether on-premises in a compact mobile cart or hosted in a data center and maintained by Mobile Labs’ team of experts.

deviceConnect On-premises Cloud and deviceConnect Hosted Cloud are both private cloud-based mobile application testing platforms that bring order and simplicity to managing multiple mobile devices for enterprise app testing. The difference lies in where the mobile devices are hosted and who is managing them.

In the on-premises implementation, the devices are managed in-house by an organization’s developers and QA professionals in a compact mobile cart, offering a central portal to manage devices, users and applications. The hosted solution features the same deviceConnect software and 24/7 access to mobile devices regardless of geography, but instead of being stored on-premises, the devices are managed in a secure data center by Mobile Labs’ professionals.

For the hosted cloud solution, Mobile Labs’ experts will be responsible for obtaining and installing all devices, all maintenance, and will ensure that the deviceConnect server is always upgraded to the latest levels. All devices will be stored in a managed, cooled and redundantly powered data center, where Mobile Labs’ experts will provide support in order to minimize or eliminate downtime and ensure access to the latest devices and mobile operating systems. Each hosted cloud solution is private, meaning that the devices are not shared among organizations for testing.

“We are excited to offer deviceConnect Hosted Cloud as an additional solution for enterprise organizations. From talking with both customers and prospects, we have discovered that when it comes to mobile device testing, there are times when having the devices stored on-site in a mobile testing lab is not feasible,” explained Mobile Labs’ President Dan McFall. “With our hosted cloud solution, we are removing any barriers to creating a state of the art mobile testing strategy. Leveraging the expertise of our Mobile Labs team and our deviceConnect solution provides organizations with the responsive, customized level of support that we are known for to help make the process of mobile testing easier and cost-efficient.”

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