Loggly Introduces Live Tail for the Cloud Era
January 26, 2016

Loggly introduced the addition of Loggly Live Tail to its enterprise-class service.

Loggly Live Tail is like the classic Unix “tail -f” command on steroids – it allows users to not only monitor changes of multiple log sources at once, but also provides filtering, highlighting in real-time and allows users to pipe the stream through any other command line utilities. Live Tail enables teams to avoid granting access privileges to individual hosts in order to monitor logs. Loggly Live Tail provides a real-time consolidated stream and the command line access that is familiar to engineers for this purpose.

“We’re excited to be introducing our most requested feature to Loggly customers,” said Sven Dummer, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Loggly. “Loggly Live Tail is unique because it allows users to view a real-time stream of logs from all hosts in a single command line window, simplifying and greatly decreasing the time to analyze code and deployment changes.”

Additional highlights:

- Loggly's recent customer survey ranked Live Tail as the number one feature request

- Loggly Live Tail is currently available as a command line version (with a web UI integration on the way!), running on Linux, Mac, Unix and Windows. It’s as close to classic “tail” as you can get.

- Loggly Live Tail eliminates risks associated with granting engineers privileges on individual hosts – they no longer need to access a system just to see its logs in real-time

- Loggly Live Tail is a true command line interface tool – giving you the full power of the Unix shell or the Windows PowerShell, making Loggly Live Tail a powerful tool for SysAdmins and Developers (check out our newest blog post about the power of Loggly Live Tail with Windows PowerShell, for an example).

- Use regular expressions to filter the log stream to what matters to you

- In addition to viewing Live Tail’s output on the command line, you can send the output to a HipChat or Slack chat room in parallel (other integrations to follow soon). This allows easy team collaboration when debugging or troubleshooting – now you can easily share a live view of log events even on your mobile device (using HipChat’s and Slack’s powerful mobile apps).

The Live Tail feature is part of the Enterprise subscription tier. If you don’t have an Enterprise subscription, you can upgrade by contacting your Loggly account manager. If you’re on a Standard or Pro subscription and not ready to upgrade your account but want to try Live Tail, you’ll be able to sign up for a special 14-day trial. Live Tail is not available as a part of the Lite subscription.

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