Embotics Launches vCommander 6.0
May 25, 2017

Embotics announced the upcoming release of its flagship product, Embotics vCommander 6.0.

This new version enables enhanced hybrid cloud orchestration, governance and control while providing an easy-to-use portal for end user self-service where they can intelligently select and provision cloud resources and track and report on spending.

“As enterprises move towards cloud-centric new business applications, they need easy access to modern and reliable cloud resources with consistent governance and cost optimization irrespective of the cloud technology,” said Michael Torto, CEO of Embotics. “With vCommander, our customers get easy access to cloud resources while ensuring IT maintains control and enforces company policies.”

vCommander features new cloud administrator capabilities and an updated HTML5 end-user service portal. Within minutes, IT administrators can have a hybrid cloud single pane-of-glass and rapidly create a catalog of services on top of VMware, Hyper-V, AWS and/or Microsoft Azure. Users can procure cross-vendor IaaS and PaaS resources through an easy-to-use self-service portal that automates and orchestrates behind the scenes lifecycle processes for fast delivery while enforcing corporate policies (quotas, expense assignments, configurations) and governance (usage, expirations, power scheduling, security settings).

Built on the foundation of Embotics’ existing cost analysis, reporting, and rightsizing capabilities, vCommander 6.0 adds innovative new capabilities that help organizations identify waste through cost-saving recommendations, streamline collaboration between different stakeholders, and implement changes through automated action. vCommander also provides immediate value to IT, Engineering, and DevOps organizations, optionally allowing for existing consumption models to continue, while at the same time providing overlay value in existing brownfield environments.

New and enhanced Cloud Governance and Cost Optimization features include:

- AWS Reserved Instance purchase recommendations

- Policy-based AWS tag enforcement to ensure public cloud instances are properly tracked

- Power scheduling recommendations for VMs and instances based on custom attributes or AWS tags

- Rightsizing recommendations and automated orchestration for Amazon EC2 instances with enhanced memory usage monitoring

- Consolidated cost visibility across an enterprise’s private and public cloud consumption

In addition to these new cloud governance capabilities, vCommander 6.0 also provides a fully updated and modern self-service user experience, and adds support for Azure ARM template deployments, furthering vCommander’s capabilities to support infrastructure-as-code and modern application deployment methods.

Embotics vCommander 6.0 will be generally available to new and existing customers in June 2017.

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